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The Gluttony of the Earth

The rain falls smacking to the ground to give the earth a drink.

The soily ground – the oily salty giant kitchen sink.

Transparent glassy tears of stuffy cloud gently secrete into the soupy deep

below, and o’er brim the muddy heap.

And once evaporated from the aged and cracking ground, the rain is urinated out again,

Returning to the spout again,

An insatiable appetite, as hungry as a kiss,

The thirsty earth will guzzle all: even its own recycled piss.

And mingled with the rain are particles of man made chemicals

Poisoning the grassy earth as happily she sucks.

And although the earth’s infected, still she’s day by day injected

And the fruits turn pale and sour, being fed by acrid roots.

Years and years of gluttony have filled the earth with history

No living thing escapes the bowels that rumble deep below.

The fatty cream of animal flesh, and bones of building skeletons,

Old battered books, and hooks and coins from crooks and thieves,

The leaves cover the

crunchy, spindly insect legs, garden pegs and human dregs:

Yellow skulls and rotten teeth – humanity beneath –

And all this crunched up and digested

Still the best of human life is

Packed and pushed through veiny tunnels

Fallen glory,

bitty, pasty,

Down the one way tunnel

Deep into caverns of the earth…….

And I……

I walk above this soil

And even though I daily toil

to live the fullest life, and find my love and make my mark I loathe….

I loathe…

To know

That I am just a piece of meat.

A walking, living human treat,

That paces round the wanting lips of hungry earth below.

My blood. My dreams. My living legacy,

Though they may mean the world to me,


To the cravings of the Natural World…

And NO..

Although the very ground I walk on

Which supports me,

And has taught me,

Almost everything I know,

Will some day eat me

And defeat me…

I will live the life I owe me

Cus despite what waits below me

And although I’ll flourish briefly,

With tenacity, I’ll grow.

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The Willow Tree

Across the waves of deep blue sea,

Pushed onwards with the tide,

A lonesome island floated by

Some thirty meters wide.

The swirling, foamy water, glist’ning

Lavender and jade,

Tenderly lapped the island shore

And subtle imprints made.

Upon the island just one thing

Inhabited its space –

A giant arching willow tree,

Magnificent to face.

Its tall majestic trunk stood firm

Upon the ground so white,

Its long gnarled roots spread wide around

To hug the island tight.

And bursting from the silver trunk

The willow branches splayed:

A giant earthy fountain where the

Flowing offshoots swayed.

Like octopuses’ tentacles

The leafy branches coiled,

Enchanted by some natural magic,

Drunk up from the soil.

And as the day time faded and

The moonlight beamed its light,

The twirling, dancing branches did

Like fireworks ignite.

Much faster did they whirl and flail,

These branches that now flamed,

The thick trunk whipping vines around

Like animals untamed.

A fiercely burning willow tree,

Drifting across the sea,

Earth’s elements united in

Discordant harmony.

This tree I saw with my own eyes

Not twenty years ago,

Whilst sailing on a reeded raft

En route to Mexico.

For five full nights I sat there

In a cloud of fireflies,

And watched the willow burning

Underneath the navy skies.

Both terrified and awed was I

As, silent, I did look,

Each time the moonbeams touched the branches,

Nervously I shook.

And when the sun rose up at dawn,

The tree’s enchantment fell –

And slowly sounds of pulsing waves

Revived me from my spell.

Unwilling did I drift away

Towards the far off coast,

Abandoning the source of joy

That terrified me the most.

I could have bobbed forever there

Among the fireflies,

But such a sacred vision was not

Made for human eyes.

I picture it still drifting somewhere

On the ocean wide,

Below the purple sunset where

The albatrosses glide.

And wonder if I have the strength

To find the tree once more,

That eerie, lonesome willow tree,

Castrated from the shore.

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The Moon and I

The moon and I held hands today,

The moon and I held hands.

Below the clouds were thick and grey,

And soft winds blew the sands.

Around us planets wizzed and buzzed,

Bright coloured, vast and grand,

And pixies beckoned me towards

Their darkly sparkly lands.

Wild dragons swooped and loop-de-looped,

Breathed fire all around,

And on their backs proud warriors

Did with proud faces stand.

Fifteen thousand drummers drummed

Together in a band,

On fifteen thousand acorns tied

On one long golden strand.

The feathered Queen looked down and with

A clump of feathers fanned,

She blew the space rocks north to make

The universe expand.

The colours, noise, the wildness,

Not one single action planned,

And all the while I stood and looked,

The moon’s hand in my hand.

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Misleading Signifiers, A Sonnet

Misleading Signifiers of my thought,

You False Communicators that conceal!

Your shallow frames have not the substance caught,

My mind’s fast flow does in my mouth congeal.

I try to force my meaning on your lines,

Each well-established squiggle, dot and curve,

But all my pent emotions feel confined,

Denied the liberation they deserve.

On your ambrosial rhetoric I glut,

Each letter like a daisy-chain is tied,

But like an empty shell without a nut

Your casing lacks the crucial things inside.

No spout to gush the musings from my brain,

Just clouds, without the sweet release of rain.

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Because I am a girl I live in fear,

A victim of the men who fight in war.

400,000 daughters raped each year.

A soldier or a rebel, it’s unclear.

My fistula, indifferent, they ignore.

Because I am a girl I live in fear.

I’ve caught diseases that won’t disappear.

No hope of marriage ever anymore.

400,000 sisters raped each year.

I’ve watched them murder people I hold dear.

Their corpses fall like raindrops to the floor.

Because I am a girl I live in fear.

Humiliated as I hear them jeer,

Abducted as their sex slave and their whore.

400,000 mothers raped each year.


They’ll kill us if we say what happens here

To females aged from 1 to 84.

Because I am a girl I live in fear.

400,000 lives stolen each year.

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